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When life is light

Some debts have to be repaid. Not because they matter to the one they are owed to but because they are essential for the cycle of life. It is seven years into the end of the life that was Benazir Bhutto. A life that inspired many in my generation and the generations that followed. A life that can be marked in one word – hardship, lived with a character that, too, can only be summed up in one word – brave.  It is tough to encompass a life as yours Bibi, and yet I owe it and so I will try. You were born in a life of luxury, a life that turned upside down on a night of July 1977. What followed was a life that was marked by hardships, a disintegrated family, struggle, hopes dashed, dreams broken, and the loss of near and dear ones. Such misery and hardship could make anyone insane. And yet you came out of it not only sane and composed but dignified and compassionate. What you went through could make anyone vengeful and yet revenge was never on your mind. During your second stint in powe…


Rage is all I have felt for days. Sadness I don't feel, shock one will be a fool to feel at this after so much that has happened. That they butchered innocent souls in the broad daylight is not what causes this rage. They are savages, I knew it. So no rage over that, no shock. That I and most likely we all knew this is coming is what causes rage. But what causes even more rage is the fact that the butchers have done what they intended to do, and even then we may still not put our act together.
We had this coming and my fear is we still will not get it.
I say to you, the common man, woman, young, old of Pakistan, in whose heart is Pakistan. The solider who feels the love of the country in his heart and fights with valor for its honor. The officers of security forces who feel the pain for the country and love it every bit. Urbans, rurals, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, Sunnis, Shias, Barelvis, Deobandis, Ismailis, all of you who have the gentle hearts. I say to you th…

Next phase of US expansion

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Has the economy tanked?

Settlements on riverbanks

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