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Nawaz Sharif and His Options

Cat is out of the bag. NawazSharif has left the coalition. For months, when I was saying that by taking a hard line on Musharraf, Nawaz is covertly helping Musharraf to stay in power and that this is his political necessity, no one was ready to believe this. The way events have unfolded post Musharraf, strengthens my argument.

First, let me quickly recap my argument. Miansahab is a leader of 8-10 districts of Punjab, he has already swept those areas even winning against strong constituency candidates. Even if he keeps repeating this performance, he cannot win majority to form government. Repeating this performance seems unlikely because you cannot beat strong candidates every time. Even if he does, these districts alone do not give you enough numbers to form a government in Islamabad. His party has no roots in Pakhtunkhwah, Balochistan or Sindh and minimal presence in Saraiki belt and chances of him developing roots in those territories is bleak. So what is his best apparent bet, the t…