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Musharaf - The End Game

It has been a long delay and the span has been eventful. So I will be brief but will try touching all of them.

To me, Musharaf's days are numbered and his backers have given up on him. His source of strength had always been Army and foreign powers. Foreign powers have started believing that he is using this threat of extremism to stay in power and wants the threat to live on to further his rule. They also realize that he has been considerably weakened after March 9th and is vulnerable and thus will be a liability from here on. Army, just when disturbed at Musharaf turning into a liability and the fact that this time the anger is not against the man but the institution, is greatly disturbed at the attacks on its ranks and files in NWFP, Punjab and FATA. It seems that there is a realization in certain top quarters of Army that the extremist threat needs to be confronted head on and for this a civilian leadership is required for credibility. The question is whether this situation shak…